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Wiimote Whiteboard HOWTO


Configure and deploy a functioning “smartboard” using wiimotes and free software.


  • identify known working bluetooth dongles
  • list other wiimote whiteboard software (especially for Linux)
  • create procedure section
  • create calibration section
  • create applications section (using some screen drawing software)
  • explore some multitouch capability
  • finish background section
  • pictures


At a minimum, the following hardware is needed:

  • Wiimote (1 minimum, 2 for better tracking)
  • compatible bluetooth hardware
  • a projector
  • host computer running appropriate software
  • working or non-depleted batteries for wiimotes and IR pen

Preferably, we'd also want these additional items:

  • ceiling mounting apparatus
  • USB chargeable battery


The Wiimote is a unique piece of hardware which provides the following capabilities:


The following are links to other documentation, technical, tutorial, and informational:

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