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There are Tutors available to help you with your Computer Science and Information Technology coursework.

Tutoring Schedule Spring 2011

Tutor Courses Location
Raymond Young CSCS1200 C109: MW 2-5pm
Eric Rava CSCS1200, CSCS1240, CSNT1200, CSWT1200 C001: M 12:50-1:50
C002: W 2:40-3:40
C108: F 2:40-3:40
Brian Ewanyk CSCS1240, CSCS1320, CSNT1200 C109: T 2-5
C108: W 11:50-12:45
Brad Hammond CSCS1240, CSCS1320, CSCS1730 C108: TR 11:45-1:45
Jordan Blanchard CSNT1200, CSWT1200 C004: TR 10-1

Tutoring is not scheduled during break weeks.

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