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Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML is a mark up language used for web page creation. It has been the standard for web development since the early 1990's. The current version is HTML 5.0 and still continues to be the standard. Using simple “tags” or opening and closing commands denoted as <tag> </tag>. A structured document can be created that can be veiwed on any common web browser. No special tools are needed except a text editor and a browser to edit and view the page respectively.

First Web Page

        <title>My New Web Page</title>
        Hello world this is my new web page!

save as index.html

to view open the file within your favorite web browser.

Common Tags

  • main tags wraps whole page
  • header tags # is the nubbier header you want {1,2,3,4,5}
  • paragraph tags
  • anchor tags used for web links
<a href""></a>
  • wraps main content
  • wraps page information {title, css}
  • wraps webpage title
  • inserts an image
<img src="">
  • wraps a portion of text for separation
  • line break
  • comment tags
<!- ->
  • used for linking webpages
<link rel="" type="" href="" />
  • divider tags

Example with more tags

        <title> This is my title </title>
        <h1> Big header </h1>
        <!- this is a comment ->
            start of a new paragraph
            <br /> <!- line break ->
            <a href="">GOOGLE</a>
            <!- a link to google -> 
            another paragraph with a picture
            <img src="picture.jpg">
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