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 =====unix week7===== =====unix week7=====
 ---- ----
-====MONTH DayYEAR==== +====March 82020====
- +
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove this line to receive full credit.+
 +This week I finished up the pct rather quickly, especially in comparison to not being avle to solve some previous ones. I think it was just luck with it having rules present that im very good at, specifically systems of equations and a lot of one apart rules. The project I might turn in a day late more as i've had very little time to work on it. It did help me learn in the linux environment,​ I have to use for coding things(chromebook issues bypassed with a boot loader), much more about getting and installing packages. After talking with Caleb I know much more about in my linux environment using apt and debian packages. The college will have to close sometime before march 19th according to Governor Coumo so im quite worried about my credit load all switching online as I such as online learning and took steps to make sure my classes were in person not online. I need to get some extra credit work done for your class and my calc class and if my english professor ever gives us any. In Joe's class I finally got my hex editor to work, I was having a logical error most likely due to writing the base code for it at 2am with little sleep. In that regard just need to add file readability and editing. I believe I can do that by changing the index to start at the beginning of the file and be as long as the file IF the read file command is given. As far as editing goes I can add that by allowing the address the user puts in be recognized as the right index and then put the user"s data in the index location.
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