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 +SUNY IT specific information
 +=====Bits Project=====
 +[[|Home]] | Project Bits
 +<WRAP round box>
 +MySQL Client
 +MySQL Server
 +PHP 5
 +PHP 5 - GD
 +PHP 5 - MySQL
 +[[|Howto Video Ubuntu server]]\\
 +[[|doku-wiki server]]: untested/worked on.\\
 +[[|Drupal]]: a  content management.
 +[[|yolinux dhcp]]\\
 + <- for dyndns setup\\
 +[[|Round-robin DNS]]
 +[[|LINUX HOWto Lookup]]\\
 +=====Daily Reports=====
 +====Summer of 2012====
 +**Minutes reports meeting**\\
 +gw reconfg vpn\\
 +c107 4pat vm\\
 +ccc vm openvpn\\
 +hadoop -> mpi3 -> ccc\\
 +__questions at the meet__\\
 +1.) does hadoop know how too get local data? yes\\
 +2.)can hadoop data applications be controlled? yes\\
 +In the lab today, counting up and lining up machine for cluster. 
 +Router bits-optiplex gx240
 +first cluster - 6x dell dimension 4600\\
 +second cluster - 8x -optiplex gx240\\
 +third cluster - mixed and unready\\
 +fourth cluster - 6x dell dimension 4600\\
 +Installed OS on machines.
 +Installed Open Java JDK on all the machines.
 +Network problem setting the machine dynamically.!\\
 +Tried statically setting ip to old ip address(192.168.202.X/24)\\
 +Still having network problems... Met with joe to solve them, Joe met with Nick earlier that day.\\
 +Still having network problems, configured the machine to have hadoop connected to the java directory(used the bitsgw for a template.)
 +bitsgw has it configured to $HOME=/etc/java/jdk for example..
 +bitsgw was setup to work along in hadoop now need to configure to work with the other machines... looking into configuration\\
 +\\ making a cluster.
 +Network fixed statically, hadoop configurations for NameNode/DataNode and JobTracker/TaskTracker. still confused on how these files are created or made looking for examples...\\
 +looking at the machines and ran the following command: egrep -c '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo\\
 +seems that none of the dells in the lab work for open nebula...\\
 +more support research for opennebula...\\
 +next project is setup for pxe server. Want to create a pxe server in order to have nodes for hadoop be created and used on the fly!\\
 + together we were able to create something!
 +Moved Hadoop master node from BitGW to PC2... all other nodes are moved down one!\\
 +Create user NICK on BITSGW, documentation:\\
 +Also had a meeting in C221 on Project:BITS-included Matt, Nick, Scott, Eward, Joe, Me.
 +More and revise version of the Bits project documentation! Working more on the network documentation and Reconnecting the VPN connection with corning and sunyit. Had a meeting with Joe Wednesday 7/15/12. Organized Machines and separate the Hadoop machine from bits router.
 +looking at making a internal network for hadoop machines. 
 +Setup for the machines is complete and vpn is up. The network setup with a intranet.
 +started working on a custom iso with hadoop already installed. 
 +Meeting with Joe discussion on how his script with work with my custom iso. 
 +Joe edited the pxe server and did a refresh.  Talked about generating the keys for the node in order to do a passwordless login. Custom iso is Ubuntu server 12.04 with bin/except needed.\\
 +====Fall 2012 Semester====
 +Researched services to accomplish our goal PXE, NETBOOT, NFS server.\\
 +Just to make clear what we want is a diskless networking boot of hadoop machines that can be created dynamically. X amount of nodes with a virtual master node and a virtual router w/ vpn setup to other routers. 
 +"Matt's email"
 + Here's on online LDAP book I have heard good things about:
 + First testing step would be to set up a local server, put a few users in it, and configure a few clients to authenticate, and get that to work.
 + When you're ready, I've always been particularly fond of these tutorials:
 +Have been working with OpenLdap on a local machine and written documentation in google drive. 
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