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 =====unix week13===== =====unix week13=====
 ---- ----
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====April 292020==== 
 +This week was a lot of fun for me in the world of Unix programming. I had two main projects to complete this week, my letter division (pctC) and the grade calculator (gfo0).  
 +The pctC was fun like always, this was a base 12 problem and labeled at intermediate difficulty, for me, this was going to be a fun, logical, brain exercise. I used existing relationships to determine where borrows were occurring, and from there was able to determine certain letter values. Like any other pct, once I found a couple values, I was able to plug those values in to find the remaining values much faster. All in all, a good time. 
 +The other project for this week was gfo0, or the "grade figure-outer." After reading through what needed to be accomplished, I joined a discord call with Tim and Erik, and we tried to plot out a sort of "roadmap." Basically this was a list of things that we needed to accomplish and a general idea of how one could go about it. (Not exact code lines, just a streamlined brainstorming process). An example of this could be the idea of taking a snapshot of the "status unix" command and taking those grade values and adding them up to find scores. We came up with the idea to create an array using the aforementioned values to ease the math process. Then we went about our own trying to write the code while remaining in the call for any questions and further brainstorming. As I am writing this, I still have a few command not found errors popping up. So I think in my efforts to format to the 80 character per line limit, I may have messed up a line or two. 
 +In the end, not a bad week and I am excited to finish up the gfo0 project and start work on the final. I have really enjoyed this course despite it being challenging for me, and when I take future programming courses, I will definitely take them with Matt. 
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove this line to receive full credit. 
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