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 =====unix week6===== =====unix week6=====
 ---- ----
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====March 32020====
-Filler textyour entry goes here; remove this line to receive full credit.+This week I pretty quickly finished up the project pbx2 after looking into the -P option for unzip. Made use of my first local variables in a project script for said passwords. On Wednesday I finished up the steps file, submitted them, and pushed ​to repository. I wasn't able to solve the previous bonus and regular pct puzzles in time and now am stuck in the same issue with pct6. I've tried everything I can think of besides directly asking for how to do it which I shouldn'​t be doing only clues/​hints/​strategies. I'll keep trying at it, to me they are much harder than calc especially when my brain is hardwired to solving for 1 or 2 or 3 variables at most at a time not ten so the lack of numbers messes me up I suppose. Having trouble keeping up and discerning the C from linux classes and languages but I believe I have a working hex reader he asked for just need to allow fir editing then for file reading instead of memory reading. I'm preparing for the next project as well which I think I need more explaining hopefully next class will solve that. Hoping soon there will be more bonus projects, as well as I'll try to finish more projects early, to get more bonus points to help compensate against the pct projects. With drama and band and chorus and 19 credits finding trouble keeping up and everything especially with an English teacher creating very heavy workloads every day. Been keeping up with these journals well though.
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