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unix week5

Febuary 12, 2020

Got all but minimum word count for last week, plan to take this week to get ahead. I plan to do the bonus puzzle and get everything else done early for bonus. Today we had our permission taken from nano which I do like quite more however I'll just get used to VI. Now that im getting more used to the patterns of the code Im understanding and keeping up much better. I did the bonus puzzle box which was not to difficult at all, then started urev, I was good until I got to the octal values. After some explaining from caleb I finish that up with some bonus points though not as many as I would have liked. Been stuck on the same long division puzzle all break and still can't solve it, definitely need a second mind take a look as I might be overlooking things from looking at it so long. Caleb started me last semester on using linux as a bypass to the limatations of my chromebook and between gcc and with needing to use the command line often in the mode to begin with it is quite helpful to have the knowlege from class to help me. I do think we should go over things like getting packages and installing them using the command line and maybe setting up shortcuts though thats not as important. In addition I think a collaborative project with groups or the whole class could be very fun as in the previous classes we havnt done tha to much and I know its common in coding jobs.

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