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 =====cprog week13===== =====cprog week13=====
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-====MONTH DayYEAR==== +====April 292020====
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 +This week was an interesting one in terms of course progression. As mentioned in my last journal, the gfo0 coding was finished on Wednesday of last week, I added comments on Thursday, and submitted it. My output was about .5 or so of a point higher, but after an email confirming my grade was in the ballpark, I was content to move on, especially considering I couldn't find any error in my process. That only left the pctC project, and I was eager to get started on that so I could move on to the eoce. Other classwork interfered, however, and I didn't get a chance to do it until Sunday. That project went very well, again, I don't have much to say about the pctC project, as I used my same process, except borrowing 12 where appropriate and using a number range of 0-11. If anything, I had more of an emphasis on establishing relational chains than doing math in pctC, which is opposite of the way I normally complete these projects. I think my time from start to finish was faster than any other pct I had done before, which felt good, as it means I am starting to get better at logic puzzles (which is what a lot of coding is). On Monday, I started the eoce, and I really enjoyed making the menu for the 0x0 section. I got really hung up on the insertlist() function, and I spent hours trying to troubleshoot it, and by the end of the day, throwing in the towel in frustration. The next day, I took another look at it, and had a thought that should have occurred to me earlier; the problem could be with my readlistfwd() function instead of the insertlist() function. I took one glance at that function, and immediately solved the issue. I had made a typo in where I ended the loop I was using to read my array. Instead of breaking out of the loop when list[count] == -1, I was having it break out of the loop when list[count] != -1. That meant as soon as I inserted a 1 into the 0th element of the array, the loop reading my array back to me immediately exited, and I got no output. I replaced the ! with a =, and that solved the issue. That was a big lesson I learned this week, to always check your associated functions for error, and to not just narrowly focus on the function you think is the issue. I'll definitely be sure to look out for that again in the future. I started 0x1 today, and after some head scratching, I actually have some very functional code for that section. I still need to make the output formatting correct, but my math works great and that will be a fairly easy thing to correct tomorrow. I also sanity checked my process by sending a quick email, and it was very gratifying to know I was going about it in the right manner. I am also trying to be a bit more independent with my coding and push myself to think more creatively to solve issues I'm having, and it seems to be paying off. I'm now able to solve most issues I come across, and I am fairly (except for the aforementioned mishap this week) adept at troubleshooting my code. Overall, I'm feeling satisfied with how this week went, and how the course as a whole is going. 
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