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 =====sysprog week4===== =====sysprog week4=====
 ---- ----
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====February 12th202====
 +This week we were given our first project in comporg, which involves us making the Atari logo in assembly. This doesnt seem to bad for as long as I can make certain that I can get the timing down.
 +As for what we did in sysprog, this week we continued working on our mudkip game. This time allowing the pokeball to move around the screen, and then adding a functionality to allow us to spawn in more pokeballs if we want, to a certain number. We also discussed how we can start the big project of writing our game for the overall class project. I have decided that I will try and make a turn based strategy game based on the game Age of Empires for the Nintendo DS. To do this I am thinking of using the linked lists that I have used in data structures to make up my map, with a possibility of changing them up to also have a up and down on each node, so as to represent more of a grid than just a list. This can also allow me to move stuff in the game a lot nicer. I then thought of making a unit struct, which holds all the stats of each unit, which I am thinking will be: Name, HP, Range_Attack, Melee_Attack, and Armour. I was also thinking of having the game be set in the Warhammer 40k universe, just so I have an easy frame of reference to draw inspiration from.
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