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 ====February 12, 2020==== ====February 12, 2020====
 +This week in Unix I was introduced to something life changing. This thing was life changing for the better, it gave me a new outlook on life. This tool goes by the name of vim. Vim is a text editor that had two main modes, Insert and Command mode. The insert mode allows you to edit text normally. Command mode allows the user to jump around the text and perform actions very quickly and efficiently. This makes your programming that much more efficient and much more impressive. This is a good way to woo your crush and possibly score big. Vim also allows many custom settings. You can change the colors, the cursor, allow the mouse, and even underline the line you have selected. We also learned how to download skins for vim off of the internet. On GitHub there are many people creating themes to make vim more visually appealing. Although we ran into an issue when trying to obtain one of these themes. Outside of vim, we also learned about cut and paste commands. These are very useful with certain options to cut out specific parts of text and put them together in another file. We needed to use these in our pbx1 project to manipulate a file that was put together incorrectly. We also needed to use previously learned commands such as rev and tac. 
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