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 =====unix week13===== =====unix week13=====
 ====MONTH Day, YEAR==== ====MONTH Day, YEAR====
-Filler text- your entry goes hereremove this line to receive full credit.+This week I worked a little bit on gf0 but have not finished it yet, however I put more work into my wpa0 project as I wanted to polish it up more. 
 +Obviously I had links in my project before I worked more on it, but as a refresher: the html <a> tag is used to hyperlink one resource location to the another. This typically makes text blue and clickable to redirect to another page but another layer was to use a button. This was done by: <a href="..."><button>TEXT</button></a> 
 +This was important as I figured out through messing around that I could literally make a style sheet for button and it worked. Under the style tag you can add "button {" and start to configure how the button worked. This was especially useful since the button location hugged the side of the textbox and it didn't look so great. However, using relative position, the button could be moved from the left of the screen however many pixels of unit away from the left edge of the textbox. One thing I noticed which is important since I had it confused, is that whenever there is something like: left, right, top, bottomit references the sides of the page or whatever it is relative to and doesn't move it that way. I thought "right: 65px;" would move whatever 6 pixels to the right, but in fact, it had to be "left: 65px;" to move it to the right more.  
 +Another useful thing to note is that under the <head> and <style> tags, you can reference the body to configure the body absolutely. Something like font, background image or color, and positions can go here and everything done in the actual body will follow those rules. I think this works for the "head {" style sheet too though that might be redundant. However, I did need this in the project as I couldn't figure out how to make a background image show up with normal HTML and found that CSS was not only easy, but helpful in every other way in the project too. 
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