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 =====unix week12===== =====unix week12=====
 ---- ----
 +====12 November, 2019====
 +I have been facing distractions. ​ Also, the lack of an available tutor Today, and my lack of time on Campus
 +are both contributing factors. ​ I will stop in to see if there is a Tutor available, if I am on Campus between 1 and 4 Today. ​ I liked the in person tutoring, but.  I may be be missing it today. ​ too bad.
 +I have to go now, but I did what I could. ​ I did some work this morning. ​ I will see how it goes for the rest of Today. ​ maybe it is one day at a time.  One step at a time.  Staying focused, ​ and finding the desire to continue after rest.
 ====10 November, 2019==== ====10 November, 2019====
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