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 +Action mail
 +Thanks "Your Job Posting has been received. Thank you."
 +Fieldset "​Employer IT/Computer Job Listing Submission"​
 +Textbox "​Employer:"​
 +Textbox "​Advertised Job Title/​Type:"​
 +Textbox "​Employer Contact (name):"​
 +Textbox "​Contact E-mail (at employer):"​
 +Select "Job Type:" "​Desktop Support|IT Technician|Web Design/​Technology|Networking|Computer Repair|Programming|System Administration|Data Entry|Other"​
 +Select "​Minimum Degree Qualifications:"​ "​Associates Degree (Already Graduated)|Current Full-Time IT/Computer Student|Some College|High School Diploma/​GED|Other"​
 +YesNo "Will you consider internship candidates?"​
 +Textarea "​Please Provide a detailed Job Description:"​
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