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 +Brightworks Computer Consulting is seeking qualified Support Technicians capable of supporting business clients for their computer and network troubleshooting and repair needs. The position is Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm with a one-hour lunch break each day.
 +The ideal candidate is highly focused, personable, comfortable in a fast-paced environment, enjoys collaborating on a team, and has outstanding listening and critical thinking abilities. Candidates should also be able to effectively diagnose and repair hardware and software problems with desktop and server systems.
 +Preferred Skills:
 +Desktop Operating Systems: Familiarity with Windows 7 through Windows 10
 +Server Operating Systems: Basic familiarity with Windows Server 2003 through Windows Server 2012 including Active Directory and permissions management
 +Software: Familiarity with MS Office Suite, Adobe Suite, Antivirus such as Kaspersky and Symantec; Familiarity with Intuit Quickbooks is a plus
 +Hardware: Hardware replacement & troubleshooting; printer installation & troubleshooting
 +Networking: Familiarity with basic network troubleshooting including TCP/IP, DNS, and DHCP
 +"Soft" Skills: Customer service, vendor interaction, research and analysis, documentation
 +As a Support Technician at Brightworks, your responsibilities would include:
 +Remote troubleshooting and diagnosis utilizing our remote support tools
 +Staffing the Brightworks HelpDesk, which is available for our Managed Service Clients for basic troubleshooting and break-fix issues such as password resets, printer troubleshooting, application installation, etc.
 +Entering detailed notes into our ticketing system and our internal knowledgebase
 +Virus removal from infected systems, including reinstallation of the Windows operating system 
 +Basic hardware repair, replacement, and upgrades.
 +Basic network troubleshooting and router configuration
 +Engaging vendors for support & warranty replacement of hardware
 +Performance tuning of OS and software installations, and maintenance of desktop computers 
 +Why should you apply? Brightworks strives to be a great and fulfilling place to work. We are a small and dedicated team of technicians and support staff, with great opportunities to learn from your coworkers and grow your skills. We are proud of the work we do and the clients we support, which include healthcare providers, educational institutions, and non-profits.
 +Located in downtown Ithaca, we are convenient to everything and committed to being part of the downtown community. We offer competitive benefits, including health insurance, gym reimbursement, flexible PTO, downtown parking, and free coffee from a local roaster. Every Monday we have catered lunch or a staff potluck. And we won't forget your birthday.
 +NOTE: This position is based in Ithaca, New York. Relocation assistance is not provided. 
 +Brightworks Computer Consulting is an equal opportunity employer, and is able to provide accommodations as needed.
 +Positions are available immediately. Please select the email link to submit your resume and cover letter.
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