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 +=====Why CTG?=====
 +CTG provides industry-specific IT consulting to help our clients use technology as a competitive advantage. Based in an international network of offices throughout North America and Europe, CTG delivers high-value solutions and services when and where our clients need them.
 +CTG is hiring IT professionals to join our growing team of quality consultants. You’ll work with experienced recruiters who are experts in the market and who’ll help you find the perfect job match so you can soar in your career.
 +As a CTG employee, you’ll work for our customers on a contract or project basis at their work locations. CTG employees represent CTG to our clients and we understand that your success is our success. As a result, we work hard to provide programs and processes to support you in performing your job, honing your skills, and advancing in your career.
 +With over 40 years of experience in the IT staffing and consulting industry, CTG is skilled at placing people like you in jobs they love.
 +=====A great place to work=====
 +To retain the best technology talent, CTG strives to be an excellent place for IT professionals to work. Our programs and policies—such as state-of-the-art training and education, professional work environment, challenging assignments, and a strong consulting culture—meet the professional and personal needs of our diverse workforce. CTG offers employees competitive compensation and benefits, while also providing opportunities for career advancement.
 +=====Job Specifics=====
 +^Job Type:|Desktop Technician|
 +^Project Duration:|Long-Term Consulting Position|
 +^Project Location:|Corning, New York|
 +====About the Job====
 +Our Client is currently seeking a Desktop Technician.  The Desktop Technician is responsible for providing computing technical support to the desktop team and users.  Great opportunity for a Recent College Graduate looking for a career in Information Technology.
 +====Educational Requirements====
 +  * Associates Degree Required.
 +  * Degree must be in a technical discipline.  
 +====Required Years and Area of Experience (minimum required for consideration)====
 +  * Minimum 1 year related technical support/troubleshooting experience
 +  * Will consider technical related internship experience 
 +The following is a list of desired qualifications/skills. Not all the qualifications are required.
 +  * Understanding of hardware system components, component and peripheral (printers, scanner, wireless handhelds) replacement 
 +  * Understanding of installation, navigation, and support of Microsoft Operating systems; 
 +     * Active Directory 
 +     * Search functionality 
 +     * Registry 
 +     * User Profiles 
 +     * Permissions 
 +  * Strong Remote Support skills and familiarity with remote support tools 
 +  * Candidate should possess general knowledge/skills in Network components and topology; 
 +  * Protocols – TCP/IP 
 +  * Wireless communication and authentication protocols (PEAP) 
 +  * Client configurations 
 +  * Remote Access 
 +  * LAN/WAN 
 +  * Office (Excel, Outlook Email and Calendaring, Power point, Access) 
 +  * Microsoft Project and Visio 
 +  * Clarify  (a plus)
 +  * Adobe (a plus)
 +  * Good oral and written communication skills 
 +  * Ability to work independently or as part of a team 
 +  * Represent technical bridge between technology groups and business units 
 +=====Contact Information=====
 +If interested in pursuing please send your resume to Denise M. Peters at [[]].
 +Please reference Job #164275 in the subject line of your email when sending in your resume.
 +Background Check and Drug Test are required.
 +Feel free to check out CTG at [[]]!  
 +You can now check out CTG on Facebook!!!
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