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Selected lifehacks by wedge

There are an infinite number of skills to chase, and an infinite number of methods by which we can each pursue such skills, abilities, attributes.

Following are some that I have personally used in my quest for passive world domination and universal enlightenment.


To promote, encourage, strengthen, and maintain ambidextrous skills, I have practiced things like the following:

  • every month, I switch the sidedness of certain things:
    • side of sink used for washing with the side of sink used for drying
    • side of my desk I place my notebook for writing (to the left or right of my keyboard)
    • pocket I place keys or music player

The idea is to identify things I do often without thinking / on autopilot, and switch it up in a way where it would take conscious effort to switch back, yet otherwise I can just adapt to using in the new position. It may seem 'different' (even awkward at first), but by the end of the month, has long since become normal.

The brain loves routine and autopilot. This helps to shake things up a bit. I have been doing this for a few month, and it no longer comes across as even mildly different, yet maintains my flexibility (in some cases encouraging me to use my other hand in ways I wouldn't normally).

  • more extreme (less often practiced), I occasionally try:
    • swapping my mouse (left side / right side), including left/right handed mode
      • I don't do this more regularly because my home setup I use the trackpad on my notebook, and it would be hugely inconveniently to rearrange my desk (and I already tend to use my trackpad with either hand). But it is something I would totally do if feasible.

sleep hacks

  • wear blue-light blocking glasses (about 1-2 hours before core sleep until about dawn)
  • my bedroom is as dark as I can possibly make it (black, light blocking drapes to filter out street lights)

As a polyphasic sleeper, major upsets in sleep schedule are not preferred, so to address things like daylight saving time, I actually have 2 modes of operation:

  • summer mode (where I have more active time in the evening)
  • winter mode (where I have more active time in the morning)

I go to bed (during the winter) at 8pm every night. When daylight saving time comes around, what was 8pm is now 9pm. Thing is, my circadian rhythm doesn't recognize our artificial change in time. So I keep the time the same: once daylight saving time hits, I just go to bed at 9pm. I still feel tired, I still get the same quality of sleep (because it is the same time). And with the warmer temperatures, I shift an hour of wakefulness into the evening.

mental flexibility

keyboard layouts

A few years ago, I learned how to use the dvorak keyboard layout. After learning, I aggressively sought out how to convert all my devices to have that layout.

As the rest of the world was still clearly QWERTY (including the rest of the pods in the LAIR), I often had to switch between QWERTY and dvorak when helping people (working on a pod other than my own).

Over time, due to glitches in software or updates where things may not have been available (or just plain forgot to set up), I now have a mix of layouts across my various devices. I find this variability in keyboard layouts helps keep both fresh in my memory (I don't get rusty in either).

One of my favorite was in an older version of duolingo, where different language prompts accidentally brought up different layouts. So in the span of a few seconds, I'd be typing some answers in via QWERTY, and others in dvorak. I found this rapid fire interactivity very productive in developing an operational fluency (bilingualness with respect to keyboard layouts). Highly recommended.

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