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 CCC Computer & Information Science Department Faculty CCC Computer & Information Science Department Faculty
-====Alicia Strupp==== 
-Assistant Professor of Computer & Information Science\\  +====DJ Dates==== 
-E-mail: [[]]\\ + 
 +Instructor of Computer & Information Science\\  
 +E-mail: [[]]\\ 
 Office: C201H\\  Office: C201H\\ 
-Phone: (607)962-9300\\  +Phone: (607)962-9 FIXME\\  
-Website: [[]]\\  +Website: N/A\\  
-Wiki Page: [[user:astrupp|]]\\  +Wiki Page: [[user:dates|]]\\ 
 ====Joe DeLeone==== ====Joe DeLeone====
Line 45: Line 45:
 Website: N/A\\  Website: N/A\\ 
 Wiki Page: [[user:bilynsky|]]\\  Wiki Page: [[user:bilynsky|]]\\ 
-====Nick Andre==== 
-Visiting Instructor of Computer & Information Science\\  
-E-mail: [[]]\\  
-Office: C201J\\  
-Phone: (607)962-9281\\  
-Website: N/A\\  
-Wiki Page: [[user:nandre|]]\\  
 =====Adjuncts===== =====Adjuncts=====
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 Website: [[]]\\  Website: [[]]\\ 
 Wiki Page: [[user:appelthp|]]\\  Wiki Page: [[user:appelthp|]]\\ 
-====DJ Dates==== 
-Adjunct Instructor of Computer & Information Science\\  
-E-mail: [[]]\\  
-Office: FIXME\\  
-Phone: (607)962-9 FIXME\\  
-Website: N/A\\  
-Wiki Page: [[user:dates|]]\\  
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