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 =====unix week9===== =====unix week9=====
----- +WCP9, spf0, PCT9 
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====MARCH 252019====
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove this line to receive ​full credit.+Week one of Coronnageddon:​ spf0 was a genuine lots of fun. Even though I was effectively a part of 3 different groups at the same time, I am very glad I was part ofthe group I was just because we had lots of fun in our VC's. Moreover, I thoroughly enjoyed the pigen and pigrep creation ,although the main meat of the pigrep project was made by my teammates and I did the majority rest. We had broken it into teams, myself and Nick Reif did pigen (of which was mostly myself) and Adrian and Erik doing pigrep. I mostly did pigen in the first go and it was very quite easy. Though I did eventually change a great deal of it to conform to the extended requirements of the project, it was still easy. Especially in helping the other three work on pigrep, I had come to a full understanding of Bash. It had truly hit me like the side of a truck to code in Bash. It was a bit of a miracle. Especially with TR and sed, it just clicked and it made perfect sense. Everything became easier. Maybe this Mexican Lime Beer Disease is helpful after all.
 +PCT9 with the switch up to base 8 was definetly interesting,​ although the use of bc made some of the math easier, I must admit. This was a rare time for me to successfully do the project in one go and successfully. It has been a very great week and I am extremely confident in my abilities after this week. It has been a genuine great time and I am thoroughly enjoying my degree. ​
 +Although I do admit, I have seen the struggle of the other groups and it has been quite a drag on moral, it is a must I remind myself that they have waited 2.5 weeks to complete this project. Especially seeing Connor drastically drag down Caleb'​s efforts has been quite disheartening. Connor was sufficient to not know for loops at all. Even their existence. ​ It has been a good week for me but not for others. ​
 +I still haven'​t heard back about my hand actually being broken or not. Nobody will tell me. Pain.
 +I am perfect?
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