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unix week8

upf1, pct8, wcp8

March 18, 2020

I was very surprised with the ease of my pct8. I had only made 1 major mistake which required a restart, which considering all my other pcts, that's wonderful. I am surprised how many mistakes I make when it comes to the PCT's especially considering that I love math and logic. Even one tiny little mistake can utterly rampage the entire PCT. It hurts. When it comes to the WCP, I did not mark from the last time I was there and I could not remember. However I did email Matt so I counted that. Moreover, I found the new addition to the pct's. The beautiful voice of Matt Haas is revealed on YouTube.

UPF1 was quite painful for all things considered. I think I had spent a long two hours trying to debugging my myriad use of quotations and single quotes. I had never had such lengthy difficulty when it came to that. Ever. It was just down right evil. I did figure it out when another person figure it out of putting an extra quotation layer around my variable. That makes sense to me.

Class is going very quite well, and the whole Wuhan Flu is putting a break to the enjoyable in class discussion. However, I must admit, Joe had switched to Discord and that has made a world of difference. Matt-2, Joe-1. The gap is closing on the best class ever. Although I definitely enjoy UNIX LINUX far more.

Genuine Questions:

Are we going to have any actual lecture equivalents or no? Moreover, we are just going to continue doing projects?

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