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 =====unix week7===== =====unix week7=====
----- +upf0 pct7 wcp7 
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====MARCH 112020====
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove ​this line to receive full credit.+Overall a very good week. We had started the group project based on the creation of any number of pi's digits and I believe that will be a very very easy project. Especially with my solid background in maths I will thoroughly enjoy this
 + Upf0 was an absolute breeze whether or not to include an extreme amount of panic due to time limitations. The only thing I am of sure of is the operator to compare -eq versus == as the latter compares the strings instead and I do not know how that will fair. I am unable to test whether or not if the current user is unable ​to make the modifications rather than read the files however i will find out.
 +pct7 was a bit harder than I expected and due to time constraints I might have to submit with it wrong or spend the next few sparse minutes trying to find and correct my error. Took up the use of the square box due to time constraints,​ not quite sure how to address the logic other than (see chart)
 +Thankfully I have in contact other classmates who are willing to help, though this week has been quite the nightmare already in terms of life events. For example. Fracturing my hand. Another example. Fracturing my right hand and being told they wont do anything and just ice it and begone. Fun times.
 +Again wasn't able to attend class it very much so sucks. My WCP scores are hurting because of my attendence and I am quite aware. Matt, please do not drop me with a "​W"​. I am trying.
 +Genuine Questions:
 +Why do I procrastinate until the last moment and realize I made a mistake on the pct?
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