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 =====unix week6===== =====unix week6=====
----- +wcp6, pct6, pbx2 
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====MARCH 42020==== 
 +Relevant commands learned: more about sed and trying to get the handle of it. Had to look up the commands half a dozen time. Also how variables are assigned 
 +However this only works if the inside does not contain ' or " of which I ran into. Still got a work around but wasted too much time. Also, the difference between -p and -P is massive. 
 +Pct6 took a little more time than I wanted it too, still no major troubles. I think I've ran into more issues with my own notation than I have with the actual problems. 
 +Casually waited for the last day to complete pbx2, however it went very smoothly. First time actively using wildcards in my code, as most times there was a healthy work around that I thought of first. Last line of the pbx2steps file makes me very happy, I'll admit. 
 +I have become very comfortable with vi, although, I'll admit, most of the commands escape me. Commonly. Even copy and pasting is something I still have to look up if I want to effectively use. 
 +In powershell, I've noticed, the buffers interaction with the bash terminal is not healthy. Any update to the screen, as in running a program (like urev) or using clear, ruins the buffer positioning. As a healthy Windows nerd, this is extremely painful. I am considering making a linux boot usb in order to ssh easier as well as use GCC without great deal of pain. I might use putty, but I would honestly switch to linux if I could use most of my windows applications in Linux. However, even using Wine, there is no good way to convert API to posix calls other than that and I have not found a half decent solution without causing cascading failures. I can get steam to run but beyond that, not much. 
 +Relevant questions/​Comments:​ 
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove this line to receive full credit. 
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