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 =====unix week3===== =====unix week3=====
-WCP2ADM1PCT2 +wcp3pbx0pct3 
-====Februrary, 4, 2020====+====February, 4, 2020==== 
 +Notable/New commands: sort(1) 
 +**Captain'​s log, star date, fourth of February.**  
 +Never send cat into dangerous situations. Cat's limited nine lives do not compare to the power of sending a Nano Cat or a VIM (Virtual-Internet Machine) Cat into foreign territories. 
 +Wildcards are very useful in lists;  
 +* == anything 0 and more of symbol 
 +? == one symbol 
 +[] == or any of these characters 
 +[^ ] == not any of these characters 
 +Given a huge list and only wanting the things that have 3 symbols and starts with c would be ** ls c?? ** 
 +Pbx0 was not tricky, maybe tedious at times, admittedly. Pbx1 seems to be more challenging,​ but more of the task of making a general .steps file versus making this one time case file as Bash is not my strong suit. Manning tr and sort will be very useful. as well as  
 +Head, Tail, etc. 
 +Currently working on pct3, the first one I've had to restart on. The only one I've also had to restart three times. Struggling to find logic to define two letters that will make everything else fall into place. I had the suggestion come up to write "​Woman'​s Intuition"​ for the logic by classmates. 
 +Speaking of, mostly friends with everybody in class. Good thing? Class is top tier and significantly better than Joe's (Sorry Joe, the truth is painful.) 
 +Friendly reminder of how to make a flag in C/C++ still. No idea and very intrigued. 
 +Class mostly seems like review, I've had more difficulty managing "mesg n" on my terminals. 
 +I would also like to add I got 10k on Tetris before my connection was reset. This was my 3rd try. That leaderboard will be mine. 
 +**Genuine Questions** 
 +For loops in Bash, I tried manning and asking but nobody in class knew how besides doing C/C++ but unfortunately I do not know how to mesh the two to make the loops I need. How to? 
 +How to setup FTP/SFTP to manage files to upload to my folder on lab46?
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