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 adm0, wcp2, pct2 adm0, wcp2, pct2
 ====January Day, 2020==== ====January Day, 2020====
-This week worked on adm0 and the second of those long division. Notable commands learned :+This week worked on adm0 and the second of those long division. Notable ​**commands learned :**
 ls -l : list long current directory ls -l : list long current directory
 man: manual man: manual
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 gzip2, xz, bzip2; compression formats gzip2, xz, bzip2; compression formats
- +// 
-other commands learned: ​+other commands learned:// 
 cp(1) cp(1)
 mv(1) mv(1)
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 +**Relevant Journal entry part:**
 +Thoroughly enjoying the class so far, sometimes feels like a lot of information at once but thankfully most of the commands can be treated using //man// so not too concerned. Most of the stuffs we are doing I do have some experience with, and for my first genuine experience with bash outside of playing with it, seems to go very smoothly. ​
 +I do not have any major questions; everything has been quite straight forward. I do have some experience with cli interface after intro. to networking and //the Joe experience//​ with cscs1240 and cscs1200.
 +Most of the people in the class I already know, though I know there are few who are nearly complete strangers and are a hair awkward. Honestly should suit themselves out in a few days.
 +IRC is pleasant, and I thoroughly enjoy the ssh capability of the class. That anywhere I can connect to the class and do work. I did find the adm0 really enjoyable, as it was a tiny little pleasant puzzle. As of writing this have not submitted it although it is on the to-do.
 +The long division problems are really quite enjoyable, I did them with some of other Joe's students during last semester. I ended up doing around half a dozen and I thoroughly enjoy them. They are //really// quite easy, even some of the harder ones. The more difficult part, genuinely, is putting the logic into words and documenting the line of logic as it is easier to simply solve it then steadily go through and analyze every action. Considering that is part of the reason we are documenting,​ to slow down and **be thorough**.
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