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 =====unix week11===== =====unix week11=====
----- +Wpa0, pctB, Bwp1, WcpB 
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====April 222020====
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove this line to receive full credit.+Spring break and last week was one of the roughest weeks in my life. I had a massive breakup with a lover of 3.5 years and as a result, I am going to use that as my excuse for now starting Wpa0 earlier. I had thankfully completed it in all due diligence today and yesterday and have been doing my own html research in preparation. I had gone about and enjoyed it, although I do not know if Matt will really like it. At all. AT ALL. Who knows.
 +PctB was really quite easy and a great refresher. It was only base 11 and very very quite easy. I had soared through it, no problems, submitted about 5 minutes ago. 
 +WcpB is difficult to achieve full points on just because we really do not have an actual physical class. Moreover, I do not really bring up any major issues with my code that a little thinking and reading doesn'​t complete. ​
 +Bwp1 is very, very hard. I just... I feel as if I do not have the patience for it in the end. With all things, I suppose it could be a healthy breakfast item tomorrow and get motivated in that way. I do not know. I feel satisfied with where I am in class and it is quite nice. I love this class, thoroughly. Shame the apocalypse had to happen though.
 +Genuine Questions?
 +I really do not have any. Everything was a breeze. How is your day, Matt?
 +I am glad to hear.
 +Notes for future self: MAKE BACKUPS YOU STUPID MONG
 +I only manage to delete both my Adventure.html and map.html because of misinterpretation of the tar -csvf command. Ugh.
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