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 =====unix week10===== =====unix week10=====
----- +PctA, pwn0, wcpA 
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====April 12020==== 
 +Coronageddon week 2
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove ​this line to receive full credit.+My participation grade is doomed to suffer. I rather ask questions over discord than I do in the irc and it is hurting my participation. I need to change that. 
 +pctA: really, really easy stuff. I do not know why, but this particular pct had gone quite smoothly. I definetly and improving immensely on it and my skills are both becoming sharper and quicker. It had only taken roughly 45 minutes ​to complete itI am quite happy with my progress so far when it comes to them, especially with the different bases. I usually can locate the X=0 letter but this time it was the H=5 which was quite a surprise. I had thoroughly enjoyed this one. 
 +pwn0: I had unwittingly helped people before I had started the project (as Matt had already sent out an alpine letter about doing things the day of, oops) and therefore broke the spirit of the project. It is quite astounding how many people do not read the project pages. The overall project was quite easy, however the parsing the arguments was by far the longest part. Moreover, the actual array usage and manipulation was quite a rocky ride but I now have all the knowledge by trial by fire. This project may have taken me long but I had quite enjoyed it and definitely will use things I've learned there, especially with unset. Finding that was an absolute joy! It was quite a needed gem. Overall I am quite proud of my work, though Matt will regardless find all the gritty details in it. I am not worried, I tested it thoroughly and everything works. Hopefully.  
 +Genuine Questions:​ 
 +Why is everybody in either class dropping like flies? 
 +If I show up to class but the campus is closed can I still get participation?​
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