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 =====unix break1===== =====unix break1=====
----- +bwp0, pbx2, pct5, wcp5 
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====Februray 262020==== 
 +Pbx2 was an extremely easy version of pbx1. I am very suspicious although making an automated version was quite easy. I also had discovered Nano was disabled. I was whelmed? Vim is useful enough but I forgot all the commands already. Habit shall make me remember, hopefully. Unfortunately I have been absent from class the entire of this week, and I do not know if this break week is today or week5 is and I shall be posting this in either as a placeholder however for lack of knowing I would be okay with taking a loss in one. I thankfully remembered UREV and usr0 existed and I quickly started doing it last saturday. I only completed it today as I was completed the rest of the assignments. Procrastination and scheduling is something else.  
 +By far nothing spectacular in terms of no codes and commands. The only thing that is quite new is the stream editor command of which I cannot remember at the time of writing this (sed?).
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove ​this line to receive full credit.+Pct5. Easy, blew it out of the ball park. Pbx2, absolutely easy. Bwp0. Absolute nightmare, what on God's green earth is this abomination of a question? I have made scant progress only through rigorous logic and extended equations. I have had to resolve to drawing a table of values for my first time. This question will be the end of me and I shall not be receiving the bonus for it. I bring shame onto my family. I will be however working on it to regain my honor. Unless I lack the IQ and common sense to best that question. I do not know why I am struggling so much with it. 
 +Genuine Questions/​opinions directed towards the mystical hand in the sky: 
 +Please do not drop me with a "​W"​ I am doing well in the class and I am just running into life+scheduling errors with the class.  
 +Also, thoroughly can say class is competing with Joe's on my favorite spot.
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