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 +Well I forgot to do my journal till wednesday night so thats cool. This quarantine thing is pretty wild never has anything like this really happened and its really interesting to see how this unfolds. Like for example just today it was announced that supposedly we are all supposed to get around 1200$ depending on how much we make (which for me is basically nothing) so thats pretty neat, looks like i'm going to be able to get animal crossing after all. But regarding programming and what not. I unfortunately have not had much time to work on my sysprog project and cant even imagine doing anything in assembly at this point but hopefully I will get started doing my sysprog project soon. So far during coronapacolypse I have been getting a ton done its wild what one can accomplish when they are not at school all day every day. It for sure is going to be interesting to see how the classes turn out, as well as if they decide to refund us some money for like things like gym fees and lab fees and all of that. I have not heard anything on whether or not we are online for the rest of the semester but I would assume so. For all of the other schools in this state basically that is the case
 =====sysprog week9===== =====sysprog week9=====
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