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 =====unix week8===== =====unix week8=====
-March 182020+ 
 +This week has been focused on working with my partner(Caleb) to complete a project that is due very soon. Spf0 is the current project Caleb and me are working on together. Since we aren't allowed to communicate face-to-face anymore until further noticewe have set up a wemux session to collaborate with each other. By doing this it has been a smooth transition. Can't wait to finish it and explore to better my knowledge on scripting!! 
 +The project that was turned in today (Upf1) was similar to upf0. The concepts were the same but the overall idea was different. In upf1 I had to use the unittools suite to convert cm to inches, cubits to millimeters,​ feet to yards, ...etc. I did not mind the project upf1, but I liked upf0 way more. I liked the idea of piping a certain amount of numbers by using a limited amount of expressions. I though the process was more fun in upf0 than upf1, but at the end of the day both projects are providing me more knowledge on scripting and using the Linux command line interface as a whole. 
 +The pct project that was handed in was quite interesting. I ended up not using one of the letters. This has been the first for me. I'm not sure if any other students have ran into doing so, but I was quite surprised because it had been the first time for me. I have not tried next weeks pct project but I think its gonna be more tough since the base is going to change.  
 +Even though the transition to online has just begun, I am nervous to see how I do and how I perform because my resources will be limited. I hope this virus will be over soon so I can be back in the class room setting to learn again!
 ====March 18, 2020==== ====March 18, 2020====
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